Founded by counsels with significant experience in the legal departments of some of Brazilian largest companies, VEIGA, HALLACK LANZIOTTI E CASTRO VÉRAS ADVOGADOS is a Law Firm focused on providing legal services related to business, contracts, M&A and other corporate transactions.

The firm’s lawyers have lead complex and important transactions, some of which were groundbreaking in the Brazilian market, like the privatization of Usiminas (the first Brazilian company to be privatized within the National Privatization Program – PND) and the dropdown that restructured Companhia Siderúrgica Paulista – Cosipa, as well as in the international market, like the privatization of Siderar in Argentina and Sidor in Venezuela.

Also noteworthy were the legal counseling in the acquisition of J. Mendes, which is considered one of the last world class iron ore reserves in Minas Gerais’ “Quadrilátero Ferrífero”, as well as in the corporate dispute between the Opportunity Group, Citibank and Brazilian largest (or strongest) pension funds, which lead to the consolidation of the mobile communication business in Brazil. In addition, the team took part in start-ups, expansion of large-scale projects and operations in the financial and capital markets.

Moreover, our professionals have participated in several transactions in the Brazilian and foreign financial and capital markets, such as export prepayment, revolving facility for earn-out financing, standby facility, issuance of non-stock-convertible debentures, issuance of eurobond and secondary public offering of shares.

Recently, VHC was the exclusive advisor for Usiminas’ pension fund in the corporate restructuring of the company’s control group. The deal, which was worth over US$ 3 billion, involved the sale of shares and the renegotiation of the shareholders agreement.

The firm undertakes an ethical commitment, a critical element to the construction of long-term relationships with its clients. Also, VHC bases its practice on the understanding that quality legal advisory is strongly dependent on a fair comprehension of the business goals of its clients, in order to create legal solutions and strategies aligned to those objectives.

Recently, the Firm became a member of TERRALEX, an international association of law firms in operation for 29 years and with activities in 113 countries, through a worldwide network of quality law firms with multidisciplinary performance and 21.000 lawyers. Only 2 law firms in Brazil are members of TERRALEX.


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